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Congrats to Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling on the birth of their baby girl!



Eva Mendes gave birth to Ryan Gosling’s baby last Friday, September 12, 2014. Basically, the most attractive girl of her generation was born.

I’m still in the process of accepting that Ryan Gosling will never be my real-life husband, so I’ve settled for him being my internet husband. But now that he’s a father I wonder what it’s like to be Ryan Gosling’s daughter. I imagine it to be a blessing and a curse because let’s be honest, you will never find a guy who is better than Ryan Gosling.

I imagine him to be a loving, hands-on, father:

At first he will be confused, because he’s a guy after all:

But then, there’s no stopping Daddy Gosling:

There will be a lot of this:

He’s going to be a cool dad and will have you ditch school and take you to Disneyland:

Eva will probably get mad:

He’s going to help you with your math homework because that’s the kind of dad he is:

He will sing to you till you fall asleep and his lullabies will start with "Hey, girl" :

You will be the most popular girl in school, and every girl will want to have sleepovers at your house just to stare at your hot dad and he will be embarrassing like all fathers are:

You will get mad:

But there’s nothing he cannot solve with a hug and a smile:

You’re daddy’s little girl and he will spoil you like no other. You can ask him for anything and everything:

But he also knows the importance of values: 

He’s not going to be a fan of you dating:

And will always think you can do better (duh!):

When you’re confused about life, he’ll give you a good pep talk:

And this will probably be him at prom:

And then you’ll graduate and he’s going to cry:

Sending you off to college will be tough:

But you guys are connected forever and ever:

Yeah, best father of future years to come…

(via pupjo)




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